#139 Throw out old meds

I have them, you have them, we all have them... as chronic patients we have cabinets and drawers full of old medication, many of them that we don't use anymore, many we actually never used (just got because the doctor told us), many that expired years ago and some that we really do use regularly.

On our way to a pain-free life, it may be a boost to our healing self confidence to take the time to sort through and remove the pharmaceutical drugs that we don't need or don't use anymore.

Lets pretend that today is "clean out your medicine cabinet day"!

Take a plastic bag, sort through all your pill jars and bottles, and throw out the ones you don't use and the ones that are expired. Take the bag to your pharmacy and ask them to dispose of it safely - because old drugs are an environmental hazard and potentially lethal for children and animals, you should never throw medicines in the regular trash or flush them down the toilet.


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  2. Can someone please tell me what the small red and blue capsule is in the above picture?