#124 Pie chart your life

A handy little life assessment tool that gives you a really interesting perspective, this pie chart can change the way you look at your life.

The theory is simple, you draw a circle, and then divide it into different segments to visualize: "What is most important in my life?"

The segments may be named things like; work, career, love, friends, family, money, home, alone time, spiritual practice, health, training, hobbies, etc. Whatever comes up that feels important to you.

I just took a post-it and sketched one really fast, but had to redo it a couple times because the result was so surprising. I had a hard time fitting everything I wanted into the circle, and realized - again - that maybe I'm trying to do too much? I can't spend max time both on family, work, health and love and two-three hobbies.... It just doesn't work.

It's just interesting to see it visually like that, and realize that yes, I only have so much time and so much energy... what I'm spending it on ought to be a well-reflected decision...


  1. Even for the non-pain sufferers out there, this tip is a great way to conduct your life.
    Don't forget it's not 'wrong' if the slices of pie change daily!

  2. Thanks Robbie, that's really good feedback, I hadn't thought of it that way. I found it interesting just to get a visual representation of my life. I'm sure if I make another one tomorrow it's going to look different, and that may help me choose my main focus for each day. :) Anna