#145 Let someone be caring

There are many everyday heroes out there waiting to be discovered. Why not let one of them save the day by allowing them to care for you when you are weak or tired?

Many people experience that helping others is something that brings both joy and healing into their own lives. You don't always have to be the strong one. Today you can reach out accept one of those favors that has been offered to you. Pick up the phone, open up. Allow someone else to cook dinner for you or do the laundry. Or maybe just listen to you talk about your pain over a cup of tea. Whatever could help you, and lighten your load today.

Know that by accepting their care and their help, you are giving them a precious gift, because the opportunity to help and to be meaningful in someone's life is worth more than money.

(PS: pigasaurus rex is another great cartoon from Natalie Dee!)

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