#128 Don't fight it

Some fights are important, and some fights are...well... not so important. When it comes to health, I actually believe we win the most by NOT fighting. We often use the metaphor of battle when we are talking about health. We are "fighting the disease", a patient is meant to be a strong survivor and a brave warrior who never gives up in the face of adversity.

Why can't we focus on healing instead?

I don't want to fight against arthritis and chronic pain my entire life, because that means my body will be a battleground. The disease is there, and when I focus on fighting it, it just seems to grow stronger and take more and more space and energy. By making a sustained and committed effort to promote my own health, well being, balance and healing I am achieving much more in the way of a healthy and happy pain-free life than my "fight against disease" ever did.

Can you see the difference?

Is it possible to make peace with your disease, lay down your weapons and see how you can increase your well being and health instead of fighting?

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