#144 Filter your answers

If you follow the advice in yesterday's post, you are likely to come up with a list of stuff you can do that may help you to get better. Next step is to filter your answers. Most of the answers are things you already know, but maybe wouldn't have thought were important if you didn't ask the question. Some things may feel small and insignificant, while others are huge and impossible to do at the present moment.

Don't worry, change is a process, and we don't have to do everything all at once.

If you have developed severe health problems, or suffer chronic pain from sustained injury, chances are there is anything from 100 to 1000 things you can do that may improve your quality of life and help you on your way to healing. You don't need this blog or anybody else to tell you what they are, they'll come to you if you just start listening.

But what you can do is to start filtering your answers. What can you do right away that may make you feel better? Can you reorganize your schedule to make room for some rest when you need it? Can you go on an outing, or see a loved one that cheers you up? Can you help someone else, or brighten someones day? Can you call that acupuncturist or massage therapist that really helped your bad shoulder and schedule a new appointment?

Choose a couple things from your list and see which ones are possible to start doing right away.

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