#147 Stop projecting

Have you noticed that people tend to repeat the same patterns in relationships over and over again? Could it be that many of our grudges and annoyances come not from the people around us, but from ourselves?
Maybe I'm out on a limb here, but I actually believe that most of the conflicts in our lives are entirely of our own making.

I believe we are drawn to the kind of situations and relationships that help us grow and learn. And since growth often comes from meeting challenges, many of our relationships are challenging in various ways.

I know that I have a tendency to become very irritated by people who have my own character flaws or bad habits. When I see those flaws or habits in others they just seem unbearably annoying... Cause it's like looking in a mirror. Only... I don't always recognize that it's the seeing "me" in them that is annoying me... it's easy to just point my finger and say "That person is so annoying!"

And then I remember the good old saying; "When you're pointing your finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at yourself..."

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