#126 List your priorities

Following Tuesday's post on pie-charts and life-wheels, the next natural step in this process is to list your priorities. (If you haven't done a life-wheel yet you can take 2 minutes and do a quick one now)

As we all know: your time is valuable! After seeing visually how important different things in your life are to you, it's natural to want to make some alterations... especially if pain and health problems take a big chunk of your time & energy.

I did the life-wheel exercise in a workshop a few days ago and as we rounded up class, one girl said: "Ok, I have to go and change my life now..." She meant that she had to change her priorities, after seeing that the things most important to her were the things she was spending the least time or energy on.

So today's pain-free tip is to right now make a list of your top ten priorities!

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