#259 Plug energy drains

Some things cost more energy than others. If you live with chronic pain it's vital to guard your spoons, i.e preserve your energy and spend it wisely. Spending energy on things that help your pain, bring you joy or improves your quality of life should always be a high priority, but what activities do you spend a lot of energy on today which simply drain you?

Whether it's specific tasks, like household chores, or specific people that leave you feeling completely worn out, we all have those energy drains in our life. And when it's your job to focus on healing, you may have to outsource certain chores, (ask your hubby to do the vacuuming?), postpone certain activities and simply practice saying no.

Now and again I do an energy inventory, find out which things are draining me disproportionally and choose a strategy to minimize their influence.

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