#243 Spread smiles

This is one of those mysterious things that helps my pain without really having a rational explanation. I know that smiling reduces pain, but for some reason spreading smiles works even better!

In the waiting room, on the bus, in the parking lot....

I grinned at this old lady in the grocery store, first she looked at me like I was kind of weird, then when I kept smiling without acting crazy her face lit up in a beautiful smile and she nodded at me... like we shared a secret.

Maybe small meetings like that don't actually change my health, but I feel so much better afterward!!! And that sure changes my perception of pain, if nothing else... So I'm ready for a challenge: If it's possible to brighten the day of a random stranger in the grocery store....

How many smiles can you spread today?


  1. thank you so much about this topic it is good thing to smile .. :) you reminded me with something which the prophet muhammed said "Your smile for your brother is charity."
    so we will be awarded in judgement day about it
    thank you about this :)
    sorry i may have typed it serval times just because i don't know exactly how to comment.

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