#255 Color code stuff

Even if you're completely pain-free it may be a challenge to keep your ducks in a row and your papers in order. But if you're living with chronic pain, chances are you've had experiences with the infamous fibro-fog, and sometimes you wonder whether you've lost your marbles, or maybe coming down with a touch of Alzheimer's.

That's one of the reasons why I like to color code stuff. I love organizing my papers according to my own color system, filing documents under blue (official documents), green (economy), red (urgent) or pink (for fun). Using color (and shapes) activates other areas of the brain than just plain text, that's why it aids memory - and as an added bonus it stimulates creativity. I use this for all kinds of stuff today, and I'm currently trying to convince my boyfriend to add a color coding system to our new apartment. For example, I think our living room should be painted purple, you know, just because it makes me feel good... He's  said that's ok as long as he can plaster the walls with terminator posters...

Well.... all I can say about that is that this discussion is NOT over...

I'll be back.

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  1. This was very interesting - a much more fun way of filing, for sure!!!! Lana C. at www.FindingLana.blogspot.com