#263 Don't be fooled

I was one of the people who has been anticipating the release of this book for quite a while. This series has had some pretty informative titles, and I thought the people who wrote them were well qualified. But unfortunately the "Complete Idiot's guide to Pain Relief" is what it says. If you don't know ANYTHING at all about pain, you may learn something here, but a 30 minute search on online pain resources such as How to Cope with Pain, WebMD, Mayo Clinic or even Wikipedia will undoubtedly be more enlightening and less annoying.

About half of the book is spent giving extremely brief and uninformative descriptions of various pain conditions, and if this tells you more than your doctor already has you better change doctors!

The only valuable input I got out of the whole 334 pages was "Pain is like an ink spot on a blotter. It spreads until it comes in contact with something that can stop it. Many times this something is the edge of the blotter. With pain, that something can be as simple as coming to the decision that you've reached the end of your patience and you're not going to let pain control your life any longer"

Well said. But I still want my 15 dollars back.

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