#248 Cut meds

Since all my conditions are chronic and incurable, four years ago I cut all pain medication, just to see how bad or how good it could get. My situation was stable and I figured it was worth a shot. First the pain was unbearable, but I managed to get through it thanks to good friends and lots of distraction. After a few weeks it started getting better, and half a year later my pain had stabilized at a much lower level than it had been, back when I was taking 5-6 types of medication daily. Amazing!!!

In the beginning I was hardcore, not even a pretty little tylenol would enter my body! But gradually as things stabilized and I got more active I started taking the occasional over the counter pain pill. These days I take them usually once or twice a week.

Now I've decided to go straight edge for a while and see if that can lower my pain even more.

OUCH!!! I've been pill free for eight days. So far the results are a major flare, just like last time. I've had intense persistent pain between level 7- 9 for 30 hours straight, it hasn't been that bad for years! But I am sticking to my herbal tea, and sticking my tongue out at the medicine cabinet (because I'm so sure that helps...ehem...maybe). I'll give it another few days. Maybe if I get through the flare it will get significantly better, and my liver will love me for quitting all meds. So that's worth it:)

People who haven't lived with intense chronic pain have no right telling us what we can or can't take medication-wise, they really don't know what they're talking about. But YOU know what's right for you. And YOU are the one in control of your body. You are the one who is going to have to live with your condition AND with the side effects of the medication. I'm just one of those people who think that doctors should be paid to tell us how we can stay healthy, in stead of being paid to give us pharmaceutical drugs.

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