#254 Establish good daily routines

Living with chronic disease can bring a lot of chaos and unpredictability into our lives. This certainly doesn't help you focus on health and healing, and can be an added burden that steals a lot of positive energy.

I've found it helps a lot to establish good daily routines for the really small stuff that makes a big difference. I always make my bed first thing in the morning, even if I've had a really painful night an have a hard time getting up. That way it will be nice to go to bed later. I always put my keys and incoming mail in their right places so I know where they are. I enter new bills to my internet bank when they come. I clean the sink, counter and breakfast table last thing at night so it will be nice to get up and have breakfast in the morning. I do my six most important things list so I can go to bed and not worry.

Just small routines like that makes such a difference to my mood and affects how my day turns out.


  1. I believe you are completely right with this topic. Sometimes, when a person is battling pain or a medical condition, just doing routine things is so important. Often, the pain or the condition knocks us off course and we must really work hard to do those "little" things that continue to help us have a "normal" life. Very good, positive and helpful advice.
    Lana C. www.FindingLana.blogspot.com

  2. I too agree. The « little » things are sometimes the ones we don't accomplish during a painful day. Having routines has helped me feel a lot better. For instance, I dress up the table for supper after breakfast, before I leave for work. That way, even if I am dead tired after work, I feel obliged to have a good meal instead of cereals.