#260 Free your mind

Feelings are not facts. Just because you feel something is dangerous doesn't mean it's true. Sometimes it's necessary to take a closer look at our fears and feelings and find out which ones are serving us and which ones are holding us back.

It's easy to spend a lifetime worrying about the future, and coincidentally, worrying about something dramatically increases the perception of pain. Learning to separate our thoughts from our emotional state is one of the most liberating things we can do.

One way of doing this is to practice looking at a situation from the giraffe-perspective:

See the situation as a camera would see it if filmed from above, taking in only the objective physical reality. Now see what are your interpretations of the situation, and how is your interpretation making you feel? Are there negative situations from the past that are interfering with your interpretation of the present moment? Can you choose to see the situation in a different - more empowering - way?

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  1. I find this way of thinking very liberating, thank you Anna for reminding me!