#245 Make the invisible VISIBLE

Have you heard about it?

CT Pain Foundation is sponsoring The INvisible Project!! 
Initiated by photographer and chronic pain survivor Syd London, The INvisible Project is a photo-journalistic portrayal of 15 people who live in pain while striving to live positive and fulfilling lives in spite of their debilitating symptoms. Several pain-based conditions will be illustrated in what will become an amazing photo exhibition - the first time the lives of several chronic pain patients are shown. You can get a sneak preview of the pictures here. The idea behind this project is to provide hope and healing to those living in pain, showing that it really can be possible to see and accomplish greatness in whatever pain patients set their minds to. INvisible will also educate those who do not understand what it means to live with an invisible disability, with pain and symptoms that often times cannot be seen by the naked eye.
The INvisible project is hosting two fund-raising events in NYC area this fall to raise money for pain research. CT Pain foundation and INvisible needs models and volunteers, I wish I was there, and luckily there are things we can do from home wherever in the world we are! Join the facebook group to find out how you can take part.

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