#251 Graph your options

I'm a fan of lists and charts, and this excellent axis can be a really helpful way of visualizing your options in order to make intelligent priorities. Simply draw an x-y axis and write the words "Joy-inducing" on the x axis and "Spoon expenditure" on the y axis.

And then you can try placing your choices of activities on the axis. How much joy will it give you to go to physiotherapy? How much energy (how many spoons) will it cost you? That way it becomes really easy to see what you get for your spoons...

As you can see from this chart: 
A: I am inspired by Hyperbole and a half...
B: I don't get a lot of kicks out of physiotherapy.

IF on the other hand I was given the choice of going skydiving, or motorcycle-riding, my chart may look like this:

But then I might have to do another axis to test the "Pain-aggravating" against the "Joy-inducing" factors of the activity... sometimes an activity will hurt quite a lot but it will still be worth it because it is so fun...

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