#265 Get excited

Image by Bion Harrigan

Do you get a kick out of high places, or watching sports, from shopping or speed? That's excellent, another tool for your pain management toolkit! Getting really excited about something revs up your adrenaline, which is an instant pain reliever. I guess this is what they call "positive stress"?

Today is a very special day for me. The last few months Samuel and I have been busy getting our ducks in a row, preparing to move in together. All the discussions about "when, where and how" have taken their time, but now we are actively searching for the right place here in Gothenburg. This weekend we checked out 3 different apartments, and today we are bidding on one of them. Calls are coming in, calculations are made and messages sent, coffee is being drunk in no small amounts and wowsers is this exciting process getting my adrenaline going! I mean it's huge!!! Where are we going to live, what's it going to be like? So many thoughts and ideas and all of a sudden it's showtime... This place or this place? How many thousand should we up the bid?

It's times like these when I don't think about health problems at all and simply feel very healthy:)

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