#323 Create sweet art

Being cheerful is good medicine, not only because smiling releases happy hormones like endorphins and dopamine (but it helps). Enjoying some everyday craziness is one of the ways I process my battle with chronic pain and invisible handicaps, and grief can be a great catalyst for art.

Combine all of these three and you have an amazing pastime: Sweet art!!!

"Sweet art" is a pun on "street art". As far as I know the term was coined by Navid Modiri at 365 saker du kan göra, and it's a way to beautify your town with a hint of crafts and tagging. Grafitti knitting is one of the things you can do, other good examples are making small decorations and placing them in the street picture where people can notice them if they are aware of their surroundings, like little drops of hope in a sad city. I think of it as a way to spread joy and inspire others, just because I have a chronic illness, doesn't mean I have to mope and feel useless.