#329 See beyond black and white

When it comes to health there are a lot of fundamentalist attitudes around. People will tell you what is wrong and what is right, either based on their own personal experience or by claiming universal truth through their current belief system, be it science, spirituality or something else entirely.

It's problematic that when faced with chronic illness, we are both drained of energy and desperate for solutions at the same time. We may really want to believe the hype and simple solutions that various health gurus or medical magicians extol, and often have our hope of a pain-free life used by others' lust for money or influence.

Locked in polarized thinking it's easy to fall prey to depression, a good friend and common side effect of chronic pain.

I've explored various extreme theories on my road to healing, and while sometimes losing my balance, I am gradually finding a middle ground. Removing the self-imposed black/white, healthy/sick, good/bad filter on reality is an awesome experience in technicolor. I'm realizing that the same problem may have an infinite number of possible solutions, that my current truth is only a snapshot of the present moment and that the only thing constant is change. If I combine the solutions that ring true to me and constantly keep my mind open for new ones, whatever ideological system they come from, I don't have to follow any one fundamentalist view but can build my own road map to a healthy life. 

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