#313 Change your wardrobe

For my Australian readers I'm sorry for the seasonal discrepancy, but it's that time again... Winter has come to Scandinavia and white fluffy stuff is muffling all sounds, lighting up the frozen landscape and stranding many pain patients indoors.

My back pain always increases with this kind of weather, so I'm tempted to take an indoor day and use the time to reorganize my wardrobe to prepare for the new season... Pack out the wool sweaters and cozy scarves,  put away short dresses and T-shirts. But then of course I will need to have another staring match with those scary planks (aka skis) up in the attic... My Norwegianess still hasn't led to any lasting interest in winter sports, but I'm hoping those genes will kick in soon!

Remembering that wool is good for pain relief, maybe I should order one of these bolero/shrugs from Crochet Butterfly on Etsy?

In the meantime I'm grateful for Maria, who reminded me of this classic winter song, INgrid Olavas version of Jokke&Valentinerne, "Her kommer vinter´n"!


  1. :-)

    I wish it was possible to translate this song.
    The text in itself is worth a listening.

  2. I know!! It sort of doesn't translate that well, with all those cultural references, but still... one of my favorites :)