#306 Oversee your investments

I know it's easy to get desperate when your pain is increasing. If health problems and pain are gradually taking over more and more of your life, it's easy to jump from one treatment to another and be willing to try just about anything. You invest both time, money and energy in all of these treatments that may or may not work, but the most costly investment you make is your hope.

Because for each thing you try that doesn't produce the desired result, you become a little less optimistic and a little more apathetic. After a while it's so easy to just give up and stop trying. So overseeing your investments is an important part of the professional patient's job.

Trying too many things at once may burn you out, both financially and physically. That's why I've found that I have to listen to my body and:

1. Follow my gut feeling
2. Follow my doctors advice (respectfully, though never blindly)
3. Choose carefully which treatments and methods I invest my hope, time and money in

Sometimes it seems like everyone has opinions about how we should handle our health, but only YOU have to live in your body, and your journey is yours alone. Sift through all the life style advice out there and all the well meant advice from your peers and choose only that which rings true to you.

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