#331 Break rules

If you want to be friends with everyone all the time, chances are people will step on you and not take you seriously. There are some health care workers, doctors and therapists who don't see the person, only the rules, and they don't want you to think for yourself. They tell you what you have to do and don't let you participate in making decisions fro your own treatment. One of my early doctors told me to stay at home and do nothing about my RA, just rest, eat the medication and not try any "diet fad" to search for a cure. Thankfully I didn't listen to him! Two years later my RA burned out after a few weeks on a gluten free diet.

As a chronic pain patient you may find yourself being carted from place to place, being told what to do, having to pay huge sums of money and spend lots of time in treatment but still not being seen or listened to.

Sometimes the answers we need are not available in the health care system that is most readily available to us. We may have to search extensively for our solution. Remember, the goal is your healing, not that they get to test their newest hypothesis/drug/treatment. That's when it's important to recognize the need to break an occasional rule. Respectfully, honestly, always taking care to not hurt anyone... but just a little rebelliously;)

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