#321 Have healthy snacks on hand

I'm a firm believer in DIY health solutions. Living with chronic illness is an enormous challenge every single day, and I've noticed that all the small things I do have a snowball effect on my overall health.

Everything that gives me more energy, helps me stay fit, happy and cheerful - affects my health and also my pain levels. When I take care of the small things, sometimes my health works so well that I almost forget I have arthritis and a broken back!

On the other hand of the scale, if I'm in pain but trying to do stuff anyway, I often overexert myself, get stressed and forget to eat. Then the pain escalates, my energy level drops and if I keep pushing I get very very weak and have trouble walking. My "invisible handicap" becomes visible. That's why keeping small and healthy snacks on hand is one way I take care of my body. A simple thing like keeping my blood sugar level stable has a surprisingly strong affect on my well being. So I try to have nuts, fruit and fruit juice available instead of going hungry and resorting to coffee and chocolate - that way I am helping my body do the best it can!

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