#307 Listen up

Who says it's going to come from your doctor, or the sources you expect? Maybe your key to healing is going to come from a wildly improbable direction!

It could be the neighbor, who knows someone who knows someone who got treated for your condition. Or an article in a magazine that interviews someone about a new scientific breakthrough. Your general practitioner can't be expected to stay up to date on all details of all conditions, that's what we have specialists for! Unfortunately chronic pain patients very rarely get help from chronic pain specialists, (only 2% in the latest european study.. :( ) and there are way too few clinics specialized in treating chronic pain and complex pain syndromes. Sometimes you have to be your own advocate.

Keeping an open mind and taking notes when you hear of different treatments may prove to be a great help. After a while, you'll be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Your collected notes will be a great reference and by listening to your body you may be able to find just the combination of activities, treatments and tools that are right for you.

Remembering that you are the expert on your own health, to choose your input and not listen to stuff that brings you down is essential. There are a lot of people interested in making money on your pain, and it's important to invest carefully.

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