#295 Have selective hearing

People say so many things, and many of them are true. When it comes to healing and overcoming chronic pain, I've found it a great benefit to practice selective hearing. Filter all incoming messages, and choose to overhear the ones that:

1. Bring you down
2. Say you can't get better
3. Say you should learn to live with your pain the way it is
4. Tell you you should get over it
5. Question your pain

I like to remind myself that as human beings we have waaaaay different perceptions of life. And just because I have found the answers that work for me, doesn't mean those answers are right for everyone else. I choose to believe that healing is possible. Another person who is in another stage of his process may need to focus on the chronic and incurable in his situation, in order to be able to accept it. The two of us should really not waste our time talking about health and healing, it's not beneficial to either of us right now.

So when meeting said person, I can put on my imaginary headphones, nod and say "yes, mhm, okay" without processing or accepting that person's truth or letting it sway my own conviction. Or I can simply avoid the topic altogether... and have some ice cream. Because I've managed to convince myself that it's good for me:)

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