#279 Alphabetize gratitude

One simple way of instantly reducing negativity and start feeling better, is to do an alphabetized gratitude inventory. I often do this as I'm going to bed, it's excellent to clear my mind of all the stress and practical issues of the day and also to reclaim a positive focus.

This mental exercise is really simple, just start repeating the alphabet and for each letter you think of one thing in your life that you are grateful for.

for example:

A: my Apartment
B: Blue sky today
C: Carolin

etc etc...


  1. Absolutely, gratitude is the key that open the door to the path of abundance.

  2. Thank you, Anna for your inspiration. If not for your blog, I would feel so alone in my suffering with chronic pain because there's really no one in my life who understands it. Gratitude is often an obstacle for me. Your tips and perpective are invaluable. Thank you so much!!

  3. A: Anna!
    B: Your Blog
    C: Your Constant updates

    I am greatful that you share your thoughts and tips for living pain free. I try to find 5 items for which I am greatful every day. Your idea of alphabetical gratitude is Great. I often use imagery to try to fall asleep but it doesn't always work. I think this tip will be very useful for me! Thank you Anna, for this blog and congrats for your good news. I'll be following you on your 2 fronts :-)