#300 Claim your expertise

Don't be fooled by fancy words and good advertising. You are the expert on your own health!

A 15 minute consultation can't ever begin to cover the complexity of how your body functions, but you've lived in this body all your life, quite a few years longer than any medical education!! Doctors and all other health professionals have specific knowledge that may help you in your healing journey, but you are the one who knows best just how your body works.

So don't be shy. The next time some professional tries to tell you how things should be - based on some theory or other (they are constantly changing by the way) - and it doesn't match your experience: Claim your expertise!

If you're feeling creative: Print your own Phd certificate and post it on our wall to remind yourself.

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  1. I've certainly found that by careful web browsing, discarding the rubbish and the sales hype for all kinds of miracle cures, I can tell my doctor a lot of serious stuff he's not aware of!!!!!