#289 Take pain precautions

If only fixing pain had been as simple as putting on a band aid.... Yesterday I had to take two excedrin to stop the incoming migraine, so my experiment was blown at 5 and a half weeks completely med free. My boyfriend tells me that normal people use the occasional pill for headaches, so why shouldn't I? But... I don't want to take pills. And I feel it really helps my general well being to learn to prevent - instead of treating the pain when it's already there.

What if I had just taken some precautions this week? Like... taking the car anyway and paying the extra money for parking? I'd be 150 kroner poorer, but would maybe have had another pain-free day.

It's funny, because it's often so obvious but still really simple: Which activities do you know increases your pain? What precautions can you take to prevent your pain from flaring?

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