#291 Have faith

I believe in God - and living in Sweden, which several studies have shown is the most atheist nation in the world - that is not a cool thing to say. I moved here from my native Norway, another mostly atheist nation - and one of the few western countries which even has a state church, thereby breaking one of the tenets of a healthy democracy by enlightenment standards. Needless to say, the whole issue of faith is a little complicated...

Personally, I don't think it matters what you believe in - as long as you believe.

I strongly believe that healing is possible, for example. Not by divine intervention or medical magic- but by dedicated effort and hard work. Some miraculous healing stories, like this one, can change the way you see health and the science of mind-body medicine forever, in a good way. It isn't God, or science or surgery that makes the difference - I believe the key to healing can be found in the human brain.

If belief can cure cancer, what can it do for your chronic pain?

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