#287 Jacuzzi

Hot water + being weightless + massage = really good pain relief.

This kind of old fashioned jacuzzi is nice enough, but many of the flashy hot tubs being made today have therapeutic massage systems that can give really great relief, especially if you suffer from muscle or back pain. 

They are very expensive to buy, and I'm afraid this wouldn't fit in our new apartment (and the neighbors would probably complain about the water everywhere...), so private ownership may not be an option for most of us. And that's where it's time to get creative! Where else can you get access too a good hot tub? Any local fitness centers, spas or swimming pools have one? Any sports clubs or other places where you can become a member? Do you have friends, family members or acquaintances who could have one, and might be inclined to invite you over every now and again? Don't be afraid to ask for help, it's your pain relief and life quality we're talking about!

Many expensive hotels have a spa section with a good jacuzzi, and it's not too expensive to buy a day ticket. They also often have offers if you pay for several visits at a time, like coupons. That sort of thing is also the perfect Christmas present for a friend who suffers from chronic muscle pain or back pain, so spread the link to this post to your loved ones to let them know!

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  1. Thank heavens we have on our back terrace - I kinked my back the other day and the old intense sciatic problems have flared up - the only relief (I refuse to dope myself) being the jacuzzi!!!