#302 Check your stress level

from Hyperbole and a half

But what if the threat is coming not from a wild bear, but from a full email inbox, a bunch of papers you have to sort through, an over-packed calendar ... or a painful back?

You can't run away from those, and you can't really fight them either, so your stress level just builds and builds...

Whatever the reason for the stress, the physical reaction is more or less the same. All these hormones are loose in your system, they are meant to be burnt off with physical exercise (like running away from the bear), and then followed by hormones that provide relief and relaxation.  But if you don't have the physical exercise of running away, but are stuck in front of your computer with stress from deadlines, you don't get that relaxation unless you actively seek stress relief.

So, on a scale from 0-10 where 0 is no stress at all, 5 is slightly frantic and 10 is an ADHD duracell bunny on amphetamine... how is your stress level during a normal day?

What's it like in the morning, midday, afternoon and evening? What is particularly stressful to you?

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