#285 More pain relief!

You know that feeling, when something has changed, but you can't tell what it is? It started sneaking up on me last week. I was having breakfast - something was different. I was brushing my teeth - something was different. Then Sunday night I opened my bathroom drawer and saw them.

My pain pills.

I haven't taken any in five -5- whole weeks.

Remember my little straight edge experiment? I cut prescription meds four years ago, but have been taking ibuprofen and tylenol regularly the last two years. This last year my pain has been getting a lot worse again, and I went to my doctor who sent me home with a bunch of prescriptions. I sat looking at them and they sat looking at me. I thought, hmm, I don't want to start taking daily medication again. What if I postpone getting these from the pharmacy for a month, try taking absolutely nothing, implement all my other pain relief strategies (that you can read about in this blog) and see what happens? As I've described, I had some pretty heavy flares the first two weeks, but .... the last three weeks...? Absolutely nothing.

I even forgot about the experiment!!!

It had been over a month when I realized what has happened: It's autumn - usually a really tough time for me pain-wise, it's been several weeks and I've slept through every single night and not had to cancel a single appointment. I haven't had pain above the "discomfort" level since the middle of September!
So tell me, has anybody seen any flying pigs lately?


  1. Wow, this is wonderful! I'm so happy for you - keep up the good days!

  2. :D Yay!!! I try not to think about it too much, and just enjoy... got to remember to do all the pain preventive stuff also when it doesn't hurt every day...

  3. Very inspiring...I like how you are very honest in sharing your struggles and triumphs. Keep it up, so many of us with chronic conditions that cause great pain can relate. Your journey is important; I'm glad to be a Follower!!
    Lana C. www.FindingLana.blogspot.com