#281 Move to a small town


I can't help feeling like I'm caught in a TV-series when I'm walking through the streets of this little town. Everything is so available, nothing is a problem, everybody knows someone who knows someone who knows each other and everyone's friendly.

The other day I was strolling through the main street when I saw Jan, Jan is the editor in chief of the local newspaper, this being right after I received some really good news, here is our conversation:

Me: "Jan! I have news!"
Jan: "Well come on over to the office and tell me all about it!"
Me: "No, don't have time, I'm having Fika with Anna Karin,"
Jan: "Well stop by later then,"
Me: "Okay!"

So I stopped by his office after fika and the newspaper did an interview about my book and the new grant.

Jan says "Don't tell anyone else now, you promise," with a big smile
Me: "Of course not, you have Swedish exclusivity!" as if anyone else were interested...

Life is just less stressful here. When I have problems with my internet bank I stroll down to Kyrkogatan and throw snowballs at my bank adviser, Henrik's office window "I couldn't log on to the bank today!" I shout.
Henrik answers "You're just using the wrong pin code, remember you got a new one!"
I collect my mittens and look at him "Oh, uhm, that's right... sorry about the snowballs..."
"That's okay" he says.

At church coffee last Sunday, Samuel's father introduced me to a friendly woman, by saying "Anna here is publishing a book about health" and in about 2 minutes I proceeded to tell her exactly what I thought about the health care system and where they could stuff what, whereupon she says "Oh, and by the way I'm a doctor, I work at the local hospital here" after which we sit and have the most amazing conversation I've had in months, about chronic disease, pain, doctors, patients and health care politics... until the coffee is cold, the tables are cleared and the church warden has to sweep us through the door to close up.

Maybe people accept my everyday craziness because I'm Norwegian, and they just don't expect more from us weird people... or maybe I'm just being part of the small town charm. Either way I can't imagine having better quality of life, or anywhere that would be easier to stay healthy and happy. I only hope Gothenburg will prove to be just as friendly!


  1. For et fint innlegg! Jeg kjenner meg veldig igjen, Porsgrunn er jo ikke stort det heller.. Hehe :)
    Gratulerer med de gde nyhetene, forresten! You go, girl!

  2. Härli Härli Björn Dählie!

  3. Now Arvika is a very special and lovely small town! We moved out of Oslo 20 years ago and I would never consider moving back to the urban nightmare! Give me the country life and local village firends any day!!!! I wonder how you are going to adapt to Gothenberg Anna?