#298 Work around it

In the spirit of creative solutions, I propose to be open for other options than the obvious ones. My health issues place a lot of obstacles in my path every day. For many years my solution to these obstacles was to keep fighting them. In the great river of denial, I kept fighting and fighting... until I just had no strength left at all.

The obstacles were still there.

That's when I had a flash of insight about non-violence. As long as I am fighting the disease that is part of my body... I am actually fighting myself. Wooooow. What a revelation!

And then I stopped fighting. Feeling very tao and zen about all of this for a while, I allowed myself to revel in the wonderful insight I had achieved. Then I realized that I wasn't getting anywhere.

Hm... I said to myself. Maybe instead of fighting the disability and denying it's consequences, I can be creative and find ways of minimizing their impact on my life? For each and every challenge and limitation my health issues are throwing me, I can find alternative ways to work around them?

That's when my life started getting a whole lot better... 

...to be continued...


  1. Noooo...! What! Are you making a tv show cliff hanger out of this blog, Anna? ;) Don't leave me hanging here!

  2. Hehe:) I just don't want to mix too many tips in the same post.. sometimes I get carried away Knausgård-style and want to write a 6000 page novel, not a 100 word blog post!

  3. I am new to this but I can so relate to the picture. What a perfect sight to the way I want to be somedays. I struggle with pain everyday but as I put it I am not ready to roll over and die. I keep pushing every day but there are some days I just have to slow down so it does not interact with my mind in a sad way. Thanks for the info and the great picture...Jackie

  4. I've experienced exactly the same thing just a copule of months ago, after several years of disease. It feels SO much better not fighting yourself. I love to use my energy on being a happier person than being angry and sad about the situation.