#305 Have slanted humor

Knowing how much laughter reduces pain, and also reduces stress hormones, I try to have a slanted sense of humor and find things to laugh about every day. I try not to laugh at others too much, but I laugh at myself as often as I can.

Today for example I am having an all-day pajama party. It's 4 PM and I am still in my pink striped flannel jammies - and I'm planning to stay that way all day thank you very much. And I really do apologize to the (slightly delayed) Halloween kids that I didn't have any candy for (ate it all) and may have traumatized only a little bit, and to my next door neighbor, who seemed a bit upset when I was hovering in the hallway waiting for my friend who was coming over for fika... She was in a burqa, I was in my pink PJs, we were a good setup for many funny jokes! So, sorry if I upset anyone, but I was setting myself up for some good laughs and a healthy dose of healing humor.

I also take every opportunity I can to laugh about my handicaps. I call myself a H├Žndiss, a Funkis, a Professional Patient and crack as many jokes as possible about my health problems. Some people laugh with me, some people get shocked or offended. But for me, laughing is still better than whining any day.

Did you hear about Norman Cousins, who healed himself by watching recordings of candid camera and the Marx brothers and set a new standard for psycho-neuro-immunology? That's pretty cool:)

What makes you laugh?

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