#309 Practice hand coordination

Concentrating intensively on small hand movements is one of my flare control & pain distraction techniques. Whether I'm staying straight edge or waiting for pain meds to work, I've found that I can reduce the impact of my recurring chronic pain by focusing intently on the tips of my fingers and moving them in a slow and deliberate manner. I slow my breath, imagine that I'm breathing to my fingertips (this usually heightens sensitivity - drawing attention away from the pain), and hold my hands together, letting the fingers tap in rhythm, thumb against thumb, index to index etc.

I can do a number of variations of these, with one or both hands. Keeping an even rhythm, combining breath, movement and right/left coordination seems to have best effect.

Maybe it's working because I'm drawing focus away from the pain, or because I'm tricking my sensory system by activating other neural connections. I don't really know. But it has no side effects and can help me get through a flare.

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  1. Dette høres veldig spennende ut. Syns du er utrolig tøff og står på.