#315 Physical distraction

The pain is there, and if it's chronic recurring muscloskeletal pain it's probably not going to get better just by resting. In my experience being still when pain is increasing just gives the pain signals more space and makes the pain feel more intense. Anything you can do to activate other nerve signals will reduce the experience of pain, so whatever level pain you're on, try using some physical distraction to gain control.

Use movement or physical stimuli to draw attention away from the parts of your body that are hurting and activate nerves in a part that is not hurting.

If it's really bad and you're horizontal, just stroking your skin, flexing your toes or tapping one hand against the other is activating other neural pathways - thus reducing the mental and neurological space for the pain. Is pain building in your shoulders? Try massaging your hands to draw the nerve impulses to that part of your body instead.

If you're still able to move around a bit, break the pain signals by doing a three minute workout, a mini dance session or rolling back massage to get your circulation going. That releases endorphins and reduces pain.

Hot baths, Sex, ice packs, bed of nails and reflexology also work well for physical distraction.

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