#181 Herbal pain remedies

Include some natural pain relieving herbs in your diet! Here is a list of the top natural pain relievers, written by the pro herbalists on the Native Remedies Blog:

Boswella: Contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties
Devils claw. Known to ease tension and muscle tightness is the neck, shoulders and back. Also know to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Capsaicin. Known to hinder pain perception and can be taken internally for digestive discomfort. Naturally found in chili peppers.
Gamma-linolenic acid. One of the good fats known to reduce inflammation and stiffness, help migraines and mild diabetic nerve damage.
Arnica. Available in creams and tablets, and know to relieve pain and inflammation.
Clove oil. A popular home remedy for toothache.
Fennel. Seeds have 16 analgesic and 27 antispasmodic chemicals.
Feverfew. Popular for headaches and migraines.
Gingerroot. Has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties known to help with digestive cramps and mild fibromyalgia pain.
Green tea. Great for muscle stiffness.
Licorice root. Recommended for sore throats. Not for those with high blood pressure, heart issues and other conditions. Research before using.
Oregano, rosemary, thyme. All used regularly in cooking and hve analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Lavender, peppermint, chamomile and damask rose oil. Essential oils commonly used in aromatherapy for pain relief and relaxation.
White willow bark. One of the oldest home remedies for pain. Known to help back, osteoarthritic and nerve pain.
Peppermint. A famous antispasmodic for digestive cramping and more.

Some of these you can use in tea, some you will find in ointments and dietary supplements. You can put them in your favorite smoothie or add to salads....but this list doesn't include my very favorite natural pain reliever though... that is dark chocolate! If you want the health effect of cocoa without having sugar and fat you can sprinkle organic raw cocoa nibs on your fruit salad.

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