#179 Power-up with a green smoothie!

So if I was to choose a Revolution to join, I´d join the Boutenko Family's Green Smoothie Revolution...

The Boutenko Family, also known as the "Raw Family" are completely amazing. Faced with rapidly declining health in the mid nineties, they were suffering from arthritis, diabetes, asthma, obesity, arrythmia, hyper thyroid, chronic fatigue and allergies.  When the family's Doctor told her that both she and her husband were likely to die within a short time, and that their young children faced a lifetime of chronic disease - without parents, Victoria Boutenko was willing to try anything. She read all she could on health and had her family try all different kinds of diets. She even started asking strangers in the street who looked radiantly healthy what their secret was, and this was how she first heard about Raw Food.

Going on a 100% Raw Food diet healed all the family's health problems! Having followed this diet with great success for 15 years, Victoria now champions the super-energizing health effects of Green Smoothies.

After gradual experimentation and three days on a 100% Raw Diet, I've found that I'm just not up to being that hardcore. But I've found that starting my day with a green smoothie made of two large handfuls of spinach, the juice of one lemon and a glass of apple juice really kickstarts my day and gives me energy enough to keep going at super speed until lunch. I just chuck it all in the blender and it's ready in 30 seconds. Even quicker than cereal.

Here is Victoria singing the song "Ode to a Green Smoothie":

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