#185 Have a ginger shot

This drink should come with a strong warning, it sends you through the roof faster than a triple espresso... and it has great pain relieving effect!

It's one of those ancient herbal cures that are backed with significant scientific research. Ginger (Zingiber officinale) apparently inhibits production of prostaglandins and leuktrines which are involved in pain and inflammation. A recent study published in the Journal of Pain showed significant pain-relieving benefits from taking either dried or raw ginger.

In an earlier Danish study, 56 patients who had either RA, OA or muscular aches took powdered ginger. All of those with musculoskeletal pain and three-fourths of those with OA or RA reported varying degrees of pain relief and no side effects, even those who took the ginger for more than two years.

Apart from its anti-inflammatory and pain reducing effect, ginger also is good against motion sickness and nausea, so if any of your current drugs are giving you nausea, this could be a good antidote.

You can make tasty ginger tea by steeping cubes of fresh ginger in boiling water for 5 minutes, then adding a spoon of honey and the juice of a half lemon. But if you dare to try the amaZING boost of a pure ginger shot, check out if they have it at your local juice bar, or make one at home by putting 3 oz of pure ginger root through the juicer. Add a little lemon juice and swallow.

But you've been warned, this is powerful stuff!


  1. This is a very inspirational blog! Luckily I don't suffer much pain, but I am very interested in natural health and I run a juice and smoothie bar. I'm hoping to introduce ginger shots soon and I came across your blog in the course of my research. I would love to help more people enjoy the benefits of natural fruit and veg. Good luck!
    Natalie, Glasgow

  2. Hi Natalie! Oh I'll have to come and visit your juice bar if I go to Glasgow :D And you can tell your customers that the ginger shots and green smoothies are 365 pain-free recommended :)