#203 Step 2: Learn one dance at a time

Learn the Doctor's office dance steps:
Step 2. Don’t Try to Learn More Than One Dance at a Time: This is perhaps the most important lesson of all to learn. It will become much too confusing to learn the Samba, the Salsa, and the Merengue at the same time, wouldn’t it? The doctor will have 15 minutes to spend with you at the most (some doctors even less). Therefore, your expectations need to be realistic. The doctor will not be able to address every single issue you may have on your list. Select 1, or at the very most 2 problems per visit. Why? Because each problem requires the proper line of questioning (called the history), the physical exam, and a possible work-up of tests. If you come in with a longer list, your visit will not allow the greatest focus and proper attention that each problem deserves, and something’s got to give. I would assume you would want your doctor to be very thorough, no? You don’t want the doctor to gloss over something important in this very detailed and meticulous process by becoming distracted, and your health is too important for that. Don’t risk it. If you need to be seen once a week every week until all your problems have been addressed, then so be it. Then, you will have learned each dance thoroughly well, ready to earn a perfect score in the end.

By Dr. Jill - Jillofalltrades

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  1. Yup yup. Prioritizing, and setting additional appointments, help doctors listen to people with chronic illness. Here's a related blog post I wrote, "Optimize the Patient-Doctor Relationship for Effective Treatment of Chronic Pain" http://dancingwithpain.com/optimize-the-patient-doctor-relationship-for-effective-treatment-of-chronic-pain/