#202 Step 1: Arrive on Time to Dance Class

Learn the Doctor's office dance steps:

Step 1. Arrive on Time to Dance Class: In fact, try to arrive 10 minutes earlier than your appointment slot. This will give you enough time to park, check in at the front desk, and compensate for the unpredictable. Like a domino effect, one late patient causes everyone else for that day to run late, including the doctor. And that may just cause the judges to deduct points during a poor dance performance – and we want that trophy now, don’t we?

By Dr. Jill - Jillofalltrades


  1. Thanks for reading my blog and for sharing my post, Anna!

    What a great blog you have created here for patients with chronic pain!

  2. Thank you so much Jill! It's so interesting for us patients to see the doctor's side for once, and I love your writing! :)