#183 Go organic

If you have a chronic condition and really care about your health, eating organic food is the way to go. Here are 7 good reasons to start buying organic produce:

1. It tastes better 
Produce that has grown naturally, ripening in it's own time in nutritious soil tastes better.

2. No Chemical Toxins
Conventionally grown crops are sprayed with significant amounts of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, and chemical fertilizers. These chemicals are designed to kill other forms of life and you may very well be eating them. When your body can’t properly process a toxin, it’s often stored in body fat to keep it out of circulation. If needed, your body will produce additional body fat to do so.

3. It has more nutrients
There is plenty of scientific evidence showing organic food to have far greater nutrient levels than conventionally farmed food.

4. Organic farming is good for the Planet
The chemicals used in conventional farming kill many of the microorganisms in the soil that keep it healthy, and too intensive farming depletes the soil of it’s nutrients. Crops that are grown in low nutrient soil are obviously less healthy. As a result, they’re more susceptible to weed overgrowth, insects, and other predators. This calls for the use of even more chemicals and fertilizers. Although putting these chemicals into the earth is bad enough, the soil becomes more and more depleted until it is so devoid of life and nutrients that it can no longer be farmed on at all. Chemicals and pesticides used in conventional farming contaminate our waterways.

5. It’s Not Genetically Modified
Scientifically, the thought of genetically altering plants to grow faster, taste better, and be more resistant to disease sounds like an absolutely amazing breakthrough. It is indeed, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Many well respected scientists are strongly opposed to genetically modified foods because there simply isn’t enough scientific proof that it’s safe. There is also plenty of research surfacing that shows genetically engineered foods to be quite dangerous.

6. Healthier Livestock
Buying certified organic animal products ensures that the animals they came from were raised humanely and were not fed any chemicals, drugs, or hormones. Conventionally farmed meat is produced with hundreds or thousands of animals crammed into indoor warehouses, unable to move, and never seeing natural sunlight. Many animals are also fed synthetic hormones and antibiotics to make them grow faster or to increase their production. By eating non organic animal products, you are consuming the same chemicals, drugs, and hormones that they did.

7. No Irradiation
Most conventional produce is treated with irradiation. Food irradiation zaps food with 150 million times as much radiation as an X-ray machine. The purpose of irradiation is to kill pathogens, but the ironic part is that it doesn’t kill all pathogens and can destroy most of the food’s good qualities. Irradiation also changes the chemical structure of the molecules within the food and can transform them into mutagenic and carcinogenic compounds that promote cancer.

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