#199 Be good to your doctor

When is the last time you showed some appreciation for your doc? After realizing that doctors are people too, and overcoming my fear of people in white coats... I have come to see them as colleagues and partners on my path to healing. The docs I work with today are amazing people who sacrifice a lot of their family time and personal well being to help people like me. Their work is a constant barrage of calamity and tragedy, but they always smile and listen when I come in the door, no matter what else is going on. That deserves respect and appreciation!

Scott Haig, MD, writes in his Times article about "The Good Patient": "Few patients realize how deeply they can affect their doctors. That is a big secret in medicine--one doctors hate to admit. We think about, talk about, dream about our patients. We went into clinical medicine because we like dealing on a personal, even intimate level with people who have chosen to put their bodies in our hands. Our patients make or break our days."

How about sending a postcard when you're doing well, bringing a flower or simply saying how much you appreciate what she is doing for you?

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