#340 Decorate a healing corner

It shouldn't really come as a surprise that the outer environment has a direct effect on healing, but hooray, somebody has conducted a study that proves it.

So how do you apply that knowledge to your private self-healing routine?

I mean, it would be wonderful if we all had access to beautiful gardens like this one, had a gardener who could do all the work tending it when we were too sick, and could spend several hours there daily just soaking up the sunlight and getting gentle exercise...
...but most of us don't really have that option.

So I propose decorating a healing corner in your home. Choose a spot where you can see something beautiful, and place your day bed, hospital bed or relaxing comfy chair there. If you can't spare a good window position,  put a beautiful nature picture on the wall by your bed/chair. Decorate the corner with a few small things that cheer you up and keep it peacefully clutter free. Place your flare kit nearby, and any other props that help your pain. Then you can designate the whole area as a healing zone, when you are there you do your best to focus on self care, relaxation and calm.

PS: If this topic interests you, you can check out this book: Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well-Being, where neuroendocrine immunologist Esther Sternberg aparently "gives scientific evidence to support the notion that where you heal has an impact on how well and how fast you heal." :)

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