#337 Make a movie of a good day

Do you have a webcamera, a cell phone camera, or a small digital camera? Great! Then you can make a movie!!!

You don't even need video editing software, but if you have that on your computer (macs come with software that makes it really easy to edit film, for PCs there are lots of simple shareware options to choose from)

Film yourself on a good day. Maybe a well functioning low pain day, or a day when you are for some reason practically pain-free (pigs can fly, right?). Include some footage of stuff that makes you happy, try to include some different sounds, people and colors and tell yourself how it feels that day. It doesn't have to be "good" or have any kind of professional quality, just have fun, You're doing this for you!

The film will be really interesting to watch later... especially when you compare it to... #338

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