#364 Start a blog

Hoorray! Around this time last year I had an excellent idea.... Why not start a blog where I write about everything I'd learned from living with - and to quite some extent overcoming - chronic pain? I'd thought about how to share all my pain relief techniques in a simple and inspiring way, but couldn't really come up with how until I put two and two together... Navid Modiri's super inspiring swedish blog 365 saker du kan göra (in english: 365 things you can do) became the template for my looooong lists of pain reducing and preventing activities, and after 15 minutes on blogger.com, *swish swoosh, clickety-click* I had started a blog called 365 pain-free days.

Little did I know what it would lead to!!! Now, 50.000 readers, one published book and a big blog grant later, I am still struggling with chronic pain, but I have learned so much!! I have new friends from all over the world and I have put my blog writing to new use by starting a slightly more political and less personal Norwegian blog where I work to inspire change within the health care system.

There are many great blogs run by healing heroes, patients and spoonies around the world. Each blog has it's audience. Blogging is a way to connect, communicate, focus on something else than illness and pain, empower yourself and help others. When you first start up, maybe the only readers are your close family and a few others, but connecting online can be a great way to break the isolation of living with chronic illness, so why not start your own blog today?


  1. I'm so proud of you! And congrats with finishing the project!

  2. I do hope you'll continue this blog as well! It's been so much fun, as well as picking up useful tips on the way! Maybe not every day, but at least on a weekly basis? And I think what you've written so far would make a great inspirational book!