#344 Give experiences

The coolest present I ever received was from my awesome little sister Lynnea (of the infamous Squid Ink Kollective). The present consisted of a looooong ribbon, attached to a card which read:

"This is a gift card for 1 -one- experience.

It then stated a time an a place when I was to meet up to go on a "mystery tour".

I had happy butterflies in my stomach for ten days before the mystery tour, and that day I was picked up at said location and brought out to dinner (sushi, yum yum). After dinner we got back in the car, several other of my friends were surprisingly picked up along the way, and everybody seemed to know something I didn't... finally we ended up outside a suspicious little house in the outskirts of Oslo, were wrapped in thick woolen blankets and entered a candle-lit mausoleum (the Vigeland mausoleum!) where there was - of all the strangest things - a didgeridoo concert!!!

This must be one of the most exotic experiences of my life, and it will be happy memory for as long as I have brain cells to recall it. Unlike other gifts and trinkets, a gift like this can't break, won't need to be dusted, stored or taken care of, and will keep providing both recipient and donor with joy long after it was given.

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  1. awwww!!! This was one of the most favorite gifts that I have ever given - especially since I could be part of it myself :) Special thanks to Samuel for letting me know that you wrote this. love you sister xoxoLynnea