#342 Walking meditation

Walking mindfully is a method I've used to reconnect with my body and start rebuilding it after years of chronic pain and injuries. Simply walking, very very slowly, preferably barefoot or in socks or soft shoes, feeling the ground underneath me with every step.

It feels like I can apply all those tiny muscles that otherwise wither away when I'm sick and out of action for longer periods of time. The important supportive muscle tissue around my spine and joints especially. I breathe slowly and and focus on each and every small movement, rediscovering "lost" parts of my body by turning my attention solely to the movement. When I am fully focused, I try closing my eyes while continuing to walk slowly forward, this makes it easier to connect with the muscles and work on my balance.

If I'm stressed or out of balance emotionally that shows immediately when I try walking slowly and close my eyes. My physical balance is off too! But after a few minutes of continued effort, slow breathing and gentle movements I can usually pull myself back to center and feel much calmer. That affects my experience of pain quite immediately.

I usually prefer to do this indoors, but if you have a garden or law that's even better. You don't need a lot of space, the goal is not to get anywhere fast. With very small and slow steps you can get great effect just by walking a few yards back and forth. Happy walking:)

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