#351 Patch it

Pain patches are really great for localized pain. Just like a big band aid, but with pharmaceutical or natural remedy components in the patch, you can place it on the area that hurts and get pain relief just in the exact area of the pain. For your digestion and liver this may be better than pills.

I don't want to recommend any special brand here, but advice you to try patches that use your "drug of choice" or substances that you have tried and know that you get good pain relieving effect from, whether it be ibuprofen, capsicum or something else entirely.

I wonder if it would work if I tape pieces of dark chocolate to my back when it hurts.... Doesn't that count as both a natural remedy and a creative healing solution? Hmmm, nope. I think I'd better just eat those;)

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  1. Organic dark chocolate (especially Maya Gold with ginger) cures all ills!!!!!